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Bedroom Feng Shui

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Feng Shui Bedroom Photo by:  Braun + Adams

Most of us are guilty of waking up 30 minutes early just so we can check our Facebook timeline, scroll through a few Instagram posts, and maybe even read a news article or two. This morning, I found myself reading a bedroom Feng Shui article. I’ve been in my house for a little over 3 years and I’ve moved the furniture around 5 times already, but not once did I think to consider the Feng Shui of my bedroom. We’ve all heard the term Feng Shui before. It was THE thing to do in interior design in the late 90s and early 2000s. I’m sure interior designers still use these concepts in their designs, but as an interior design fan girl, I can honestly say it didn’t cross my mind until reading this HGTV article.

According to Wikipedia, Feng Shui, which translates to “wind-water” in English, is a Chinese method of placing the items in a room to ensure the harmonious flow of one’s chi or spiritual energy. I’m all about good chi and the proper flow of energy. There’s no time better than the present (and the first day of Spring), so I got up and started planning this redesign of my bedroom. Below are a few basic guidelines to follow to ensure your bedroom has good chi.

  1. To create the perfectly balanced feng shui room, you need to incorporate the 5 Feng Shui Elements: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.

  2. Color: A great way to incorporate the 5 elements is through color. To create a calm and welcoming ambiance, use skin tone colors. This is an easy way to incorporate wood and earth. Also consider incorporating lavenders, soft greens or blues for a tranquil vibe and the water element. To incorporate the fire element, consider bright reds and oranges. This can be done with accent pillows, sheets, throws, or artwork. Metal is easy to include through bedside lamps and furniture accents.

  3. Artwork: The artwork in your bedroom should reflect the things you want in your life. If you want more romance, include artwork that represents love and passion. If you’re single and want to be in a relationship, try to avoid including artwork that represents solitude and singledom. Do not include pictures of your family since the bedroom is a haven for you and your spouse. Your bedroom should focus on love, healthy relationships, intimacy, and healing.

  4. Bed: Your bed should have a headboard. Preferably one made of wood. This represents support and strength. Try to avoid footboards because they prevent forward progress. However, if the foot of your bed is positioned facing a door, then a footboard is advised because sleeping this way is said to “drain your life force.” The footboard will serve as a barrier. Also try to avoid king size beds since the foundation of the bed is two separate box springs which is “a symbolic dividing line between partners.” If you insist on having a king size bed, try to place a piece of red fabric over the box springs. This will help join the two halves.

  5. Bed Positioning: Your bed should be far away from and out of line of the bedroom door. The bed should be easily accessed from both sides. Be sure to have symmetry around the bed to maintain balance. For example, two night stands, balanced number of pillows and table lamps. The accents do not have to match but make sure that it is balanced.

  6. Other furniture: Try to have furniture that accommodates a couple, even if you’re single. This will give you balance as well as aid in ensuring your bedroom represents what you want if you’re currently looking for a relationship.

  7. Lighting: Ensure that you are getting natural sunlight in the room. Have curtains that can be easily opened to let sunlight in. Be sure to include low lighting in the room also. This can be done with a light dimer or bedside lights.

  8. Mirrors: Try to avoid placing a mirror across from, next to, or above the bed. Mirrors reflect energy throughout the room and can invite a third party into your relationship. Try keeping mirrors in closets or facing away from the bed. If you have mirrored doors, either hang curtains over them like a window or drape a nice piece of fabric over them at night.

  9. Clutter: Try to keep the clutter in your bedroom to a minimum. Keep closets and dressers clean. Stop throwing clothes and bags in that chair. We ALL have that chair, bench, or corner. Seeing the clutter can cause anxiety. I know from experience.

  10. Relax: Your bedroom is your escape from the world. Keep it clutter free. Turn the ringer off your cell phone. Turn off the tv or don’t have a tv in your room at all. Use this room as your place to release, recharge, and rejuvenate.

If you use any of these tips in your bedroom, please be sure to email Southern Sweets. You might be featured in our next issue. 😊


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Photo by: Braun + Adams.

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