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Southern Art and Bourbon Bar Restaurant Review

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

I occasionally stalk local restaurants on Instagram. My most recent victim is Southern Art and Bourbon Bar. The name alone is reason enough to get excited but after being lured in by pictures of their fried chicken and sangria, I knew I had to visit this place.

Glass of sangria

I have a weakness for sangria. And look at this fried chicken....smh...I don't even eat meat but this picture had me rethinking that choice.

Fried Chicken, string beans, and macaroni and cheese dinner

This past Saturday, I finally made my way to Southern Art and Bourbon Bar in the InterContinental Hotel in Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia. I ordered the side trio plate which comes with your choice of 3 sides for only $12. I ordered the asparagus, mac and cheese, and collard greens. All three sides come on the same plate in the cutest little cast iron skillets. The mac and cheese...y'all.....THE MAC AND CHEESE...is banging!!! It's a traditional southern style baked mac and cheese. It's super moist and cheesy with a light breadcrumb topping. I'm from Atlanta and I've been cooking my own mac and cheese for over 10 years. I don't trust everyone's mac and cheese but this....this right here.....is some d*mn good mac and cheese. The asparagus was grilled to perfection and lightly seasoned. The greens were cooked with turkey meat (I picked it out) and cooked perfectly. After placing my order, the waiter brought us a small plate of rosemary biscuits and butter......I had to rethink my life to keep myself from asking for more bread. I also ordered a glass of the bourbon sangria...bourbon and sangria...genius!!!!!! It was deliciously strong. I would not recommend two of these if you're driving.

Trio Side Plate with asparagus, mac and cheese, and collard greens.

Southern Art and Bourbon Bar are conveniently located next to the valet circle and they offer 4 hours free validation for valet parking. When you walk in, Bourbon Bar is located to your right and Southern Art, the full service restaurant, is located on your left. Since it was a Saturday night, I made reservations but it wasn't crowded at all. The host and waitstaff were extremely friendly and helpful. This will likely be one of the first places I revisit if I ever decide to eat meat again but if I don't, it's okay. They have plenty of seafood and vegetarian options.

3315 Peachtree Road

Atlanta, Ga, 30326

(404) 946-9070


Photo Credit: @SouthernArtandBourbonBar Instagram

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