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Download Southern Sweets latest issues to catch up on new DIY projects, the hottest travel spots, full-flavored recipes to try at home, and so much more.

Issue 7 - 07.01.2019

Summer Issue: Boy's Edition Room Makeover • Out With the Old, In With the New: A Bathroom Floor Remodel • Smart Home: The Evolution from Traditional to Real Time Innovation • How to Create Additional Spaces: A Family Driven Transformation • SS Scoop: Pros vs. Cons for Renting and Buying a Home • Japan Uncensored • Transform Your Meals: Healthier Eating for a Lifestyle Change • Feature Spotlight: A Little Taste of Heaven

Issue 6 - 04.08.2019

Spring Issue: 5 Best Plants for Indoor Home Decor • Landscape for Spring • DIY Home Workshops: Custom Crafts • Shop the Look! A Nursery Edition • Summer Break Getaways: Trips that Won't Break the Bank • 30-Minute Meals: Three Quick and Healthy Recipes for Weekday Dinner Plans • Ask Southern Sweets

Issue 5 - 12.02.2018

Winter Issue: Breaking Ground: Part Two • A DIY Pallet Wall • Best Smell Goods for Your Home •  Winter Beverages • NYE Weekend Getaways • Feature Spotlight: Duriel Richards • Southern Sweets' Favorite Things: Winter Edition

Issue 4 - 10.01.2018

Fall Issue: Fall Housekeeping Tips • DIY Chalkboard Weekend Wall • AR Workshop Smyrna • Keller Williams is #1 in Real Estate • Bedroom Life Cycle Decor • Fall Into the Season for Soups •  Fall Winery and Brewery Events • Giving is Receiving • Spotlight Feature: Lauren Myers & Co. • Ask Southern Sweets

Issue 2 - 04.03.2018

Spring Issue: A DIY Staircase Renovation • Southern Sweets' Favorite Things • Travel with Intention • On Sundays, We Brunch • What the Health?!?! • Meatless Recipes • Spotlight Feature: KIMistry Skin • 2018 Color of the Year • Your Guide to 2018's Spring Festivals

Mini Sweets Issue 1 - 9.10.2017

Mini Sweets Issue: Tips for Hosting a Sports Themed Party  Fan Favorite Game Day Party Recipes  Repurposed Space for Entertaining  The Making of the Bird Cage  Homes of the Atlanta Falcons

Issue 1 - 07.17.2017

Summer Issue: Spring Your Home Forward • A Simple Powder Bathroom DIY Transformation • 8th Annual One Music Fest • Food, Drinks, and Backyard Parties • Spotlight Feature: No Limit Exposure Photography

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